A paladin of the Silver Flame


Companion character, defender paladin


Zellair was first encountered by the party when she was dispatched by High Cardinal Krozen to investigate the heresy that led to the disastrous execution of Naelguhr and Jamven Silverheart. Zeru thought it seemed like Zellair was pretty interested in the details of demonic rituals. But when the party encountered Zellair again, beneath the square of Thaliost, she was battling the demons that had infested the city. Leeva almost started a fight, but Zellair was willing to let the clearly capable party forge on ahead without her, since Leeva refused to journey together. Zellair was deeply grateful to the party for risking their own lives to save the captured templars and acolytes of the Church who were being held prisoner, and apologized for her earlier standoffishness.


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