Torval d'Lyrandar

Runs an airship into and out of Stormhome, sometimes with secret cargo


Torval is a member of House Lyrandar. He generally functions as the intermediary between the House and the party, specifically Morgan d’Lyrandar. He is well integrated into the courtly goings-on in Stormhome, especially the intrigue and espionage side. He operates an airship for House Lyrandar that often uses its legitimate business to cover the transportation of people and objects that need to get into or out of Stormhome unnoticed.

Recently, he asked Morgan to do him a favor. Torval is carrying on a courtship with Iris Greenflame, a member of the Order of Avenging Flame, part of the Church of the Silver Flame. He has some knowledge of a threat to Iris’ life, but due to the current near-war between Aundair and Thrane, Torval cannot take any direct action to protect her. He asked Morgan to do so.

Torval d'Lyrandar

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