Has been seen to use a variety of ranged controller/leader type powers. Damage keywords include fire and necrotic.


Naelguhr was discovered to be the head of a front organization (the Darlith Shipping Company) that was in fact trafficking in dark magic and other services from the monstrous land of Droaam into the Five Nations, particularly Thaliost. He provided Jamven Silverheart with the magic needed to abduct and impersonate Janerris ir’Dove. He was executed by Archbishop Solhar Dariznu but triggered some form of dark ritual with his own death that summoned demons to invade Thaliost.

When the party encountered him beneath the square in Thaliost, he was possessed by a demon. They killed Naelguhr, but the demon’s essence seemed to promise a future meeting between itself and the party before dissipating.


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