A shifter with an aberrant dragonmark. . .and a grudge


Companion character, melee ranger.


The party met Leeva in Xen’Drik when they were searching for a lost warforged component. She was a part of the Maelstrom, which Zeru used to be a part of. After Marmadoc thought she was hitting on him, she finally managed to talk to Zeru in private, revealing to him an aberrant dragonmark. She was hoping it would be her ticket out of Xen’Drik, much as Zeru’s mark of finding was his ticket into House Tharashk.
Apparently Leeva struck out on her own and made her way to Khorvaire in search of her family. Finding only ruins and unmarked graves, she discovered they were killed or dispersed when the Church of the Silver Flame purged the land of lycanthropes and caught a few shifters along with them. The party next encountered her in Thaliost, helping the rebellion out of a desire for vengeance against the Church. She was more vicious than when they’d first encountered her, showing no compassion for members of the Church captured by Naelguhr and the demons.
When [[:khalaash’arrna]] told Zeru to keep an eye out for aberrant dragonmarks, she mentioned that some scholars think the aberrant dragonmarks drive those who carry them insane. But the Houses all have their own history of the War of the Mark, which certainly makes the aberrant marked look as bad as possible.


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