An older orc, she mentors Zeru in House Tharashk


In middle-age — older than most orcs make it — Khalaash’arrna is [[:House Tharashk]]‘s point person in Stormhome. She’s offered a fair amount of mentoring to Zeru over the years. She also has asked him to find other potential “finders” for the House, as well as keeping an eye out for aberrant dragonmarks.

Her mentorship has included some “facts of (political) life” which Zeru hasn’t been too keen on. Her style is gruff but sympathetic; she advises Zeru to stay away from politically charged situations in order to maximize how much good the House can do in the long run. Whether he’ll take that advice remains to be seen.

Lately she has also prodded Zeru to pay more attention to what is for the good of the House — letting her know when he’s off on a search-and-find mission, etc.


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