Janerris ir'Dove

An Aundairan spy and rebel in occupied Thaliost


Janerris ir’Dove was first encountered by the party when they went to Thaliost to discover why she hadn’t checked in with her handlers. It turned out she had been kidnapped by Jamven Silverheart, her chief rival for the attention of Archbishop Solhar Dariznu, the ruler of the city on behalf of Thrane and the Church of the Silver Flame. After rescuing her, she returned to working as a spy for Aundair, reporting on the happenings in Thaliost’s court.

During the demonic infestation of Thaliost, Janerris’ home became the headquarters for the rebellion. She was a firm voice for ending the demonic threat first, before consolidating control of the city. She is assumed to be still running the rebels’ operations following the end of the demonic incursion.

Janerris ir'Dove

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