Stormhome & Eberron

Thaliost Revisited, Part II

For July 14th Session

The characters had a tense interaction with Zellair, whom Leeva took an intense dislike to based on her status as a paladin of The Church of the Silver Flame. Zellair was the paladin dispatched by High Cardinal Krozen to investigate Jamven Silverheart’s heresy with Naelguhr. Zeru noticed at the time that Zellair seemed highly interested in the details of demonic rituals, but Zellair was certainly not getting along well with the demons beneath the square. Eventually the party managed to keep Leeva from outright attacking Zellair, but were unable to take Zellair along with them deeper into the rift. In the next room, they found a cluster of Khyber dragonshards that are controlling a portal deeper into the labyrinth, but they are also capable of summoning defenders of their own from the Elemental Chaos. . .


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