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Thaliost Revisited, All Told


What was initially a relatively simple job of finding the missing Aundairan spy, Janerris ir’Dove, in the occupied city of Thaliost has gone well and truly beyond that. Jamven Silverheart, Janerris’ rival in the local hierarchy of the Church of the Silver Flame, turned out to have kidnapped her with the help of dark magic provided by Naelguhr, a cultist of Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame – the demonic overlord defeated and imprisoned by the legendary paladin who founded the Church of the Silver Flame. Naelguhr and Jamven, defeated by the party, were executed in Thaliost’s city square, but things went seriously awry – Naleguhr’s death by fire triggered a demonic summoning ritual that has plunged the city into bloody chaos, as demons stalk the streets and the rebels have seized their opportunity to wrest Thaliost from Thrane’s control once and for all. Into this, the characters came, seeking to undo the evil that’s been done here.

The party arrived at Janerris ir’Dove‘s estate and discovered it had become the headquarters for the rebellion in Thaliost. There they met an unexpected blast from the past — Leeva. Leeva told them she had come to Khorvaire from Xen’Drik seeking a better life and discovered her family was dispersed and killed by the Church of the Silver Flame during the purge of lycanthropes. Filled with a desire for vengeance, she found her way to the Thaliost rebels, who have been fighting the Church in its occupation of Thaliost.
Janerris prevailed upon Leeva to accompany the party to find the source of the demonic infestation in Thaliost, though Leeva was more concerned with finishing the overthrow of the Thranish occupation. Now in the Elemental Chaos-infused caves beneath the city square where Jamven Silverheart and Naelguhr were executed, they have just stumbled upon Zellair, a paladin of the Silver Flame currently neck-deep in demons. Joining the fray, the party managed to turn the tide.

The characters had a tense interaction with Zellair, whom Leeva took an intense dislike to based on her status as a paladin of The Church of the Silver Flame. Zellair was the paladin dispatched by High Cardinal Krozen to investigate Jamven Silverheart’s heresy with Naelguhr. Zeru noticed at the time that Zellair seemed highly interested in the details of demonic rituals, but Zellair was certainly not getting along well with the demons beneath the square. Eventually the party managed to keep Leeva from outright attacking Zellair, but were unable to take Zellair along with them deeper into the rift.

Eventually, the party managed to defeat both the now-undead Jamven and the possessed body of Naelguhr, though the demon possessing Naelguhr seemed to be banished, not destroyed. Archbishop Solhar Dariznu was tortured and killed by the possessed Naelguhr before the party could stop him, but they were able to save a number of priests, acolytes, and templars of the Silver Flame, earning both their gratitude and an apology from Zellair, who was waiting outside. The party returned to stormhome, though Zeru felt they were doing too little to aid the rebels.


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