Stormhome & Eberron

Shipping Out, Pt 2

From Piracy to Thievery

After dispatching the last of the pirates — a crew of genasi flying under the aegis of Prince Mika Rockface, the most pirate-like of the Lhazaar Princes — the party headed briefly to Port Verge, where Prince Kolberkon owes House Lyrandar favors.

Kolberkon was helpful, though unhappy about it. The tattooed man who stole the plans from House Lyrandar is Tranan, known to work for Prince Koulton Brightwind, head of the Whispering Winds Principality. Brightwind is an excoriate of House Lyrandar; a man literally with a price on his head. It is not known — not even to Morgan — precisely why Brightwind was excoriated.

The party sails into Brightwind’s enclave on Windlost Island — Lightsail. They make up a story about needing to get some minor ship repairs and just pulling into the nearest port (and the dragonmarked members of the party cover their marks). They’ve beaten Tranan there, it would seem — an advantage of sailing an elemental galleon instead of a standard ship.

There are two bars on the island; the party begins with the more generally accessible Rusty Anchor and meet a trio of warforged sailors pledged to the Whispering Winds led by a garrulous and friendly warforged named Jackbrass. With a little bardic performance from Marmadoc, a little storytelling about Xen’drik from Zeru and Morgan, and a little lying from everyone, they score an introduction to a Whispering Winds ship-captain at the bar next door — the Fifth Wind, a sort of members-only type place. Now better positioned, the party catches word that Tranan has landed and is on his way to deliver the stolen plans.

Another bardic performance gives Zeru and Tavar the opportunity to fake a bump-and-shove that dislodges Tranan’s pack, and Tavar “helps” him get it back — without the plans, of course. As the party gathers on board the elemental galleon to confirm that the plans are genuine and complete, a hue and cry arises from Brightwind’s palace in Lastsail — the theft has been discovered.


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