Stormhome & Eberron

Shipping Out, Pt 1

Eberron's Intellectual Property Wars

Upon returning to Stormhome, Morgan is thanked by Torval, who owes him both for protecting Iris Greenflame and for keeping that protection discreet enough to not draw attention from either nation involved. Magdiana Swordhand asks Morgan to recover airship plans stolen from the House, due to his proven abilities and “loyalty to the House and its leadership.”

Zeru hands off Valkas Destinax to Khalaash’arrna for a prospecting mission before the party leaves.

In Trolanport, the port capitol of Zilargo, the party meets up with a gnome named Zangeon Hollysharp, an agent of the Trust in charge of security for the Houses who work in Trolanport. They discover that a carpenter named Yates stole the plans — his brother was killed over shady debts, and the loan sharks were going to take it out on the widow next if no one paid up. He slipped through the security screening because Zangeon was hurried by the pace of expansion of the shipyards — expansion pushed by Esravash d’Lyrandar.

Yates sold the plans to a tattooed man working for one of the Sea Princes of the Lhazaar Principalities. The party heads to Port Verge of the Direshark Principality, where Prince Kolberkon owes House Lyrandar money, since they have been supporting his expansion of the port (one of the business ventures that Esravash has undertaken which Riclannan d’Lyrandar and others think are ill-advised).

Of course, on the way, they’re attacked by pirates. What’s a sea adventure to the Lhazaar Principalities without some pirates?


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