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For June 8th Session

What was initially a relatively simple job of finding the missing Aundairan spy, Janerris ir’Dove, in the occupied city of Thaliost has gone well and truly beyond that. Jamven Silverheart, Janerris’ rival in the local hierarchy of the Church of the Silver Flame, turned out to have kidnapped her with the help of dark magic provided by Naelguhr, a cultist of Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame – the demonic overlord defeated and imprisoned by the legendary paladin who founded the Church of the Silver Flame. Naelguhr and Jamven, defeated by the party, were executed in Thaliost’s city square, but things went seriously awry – Naleguhr’s death by fire triggered a demonic summoning ritual that has plunged the city into bloody chaos, as demons stalk the streets and the rebels have seized their opportunity to wrest Thaliost from Thrane’s control once and for all. Into this, the characters have come, seeking to undo the evil that’s been done here. They stand outside Janerris ir’Dove’s home, defeated demons at their feet, wondering if anyone inside is even still alive. . .


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