Stormhome & Eberron

Courting Adventure, Pt 2

Extremely Displeased

The party heads to Flamekeep, the capitol of Thrane and seat of the Church of the Holy Flame, for Iris Greenflame’s commissioning as a full member of the Order of the Avenging Flame. Through investigation, they discover that Iris has made some long-lasting enemies, both among cultists of the Whispering Flame and among extremist splinter sects of the Silver Flame.

A little more prying reveals that extremists calling themselves Torchbearers are the culprits; they’ve been stirred up by a radical preacher who frequents western Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches. They’re not technically affiliated with the sect that Iris helped destroy, but have similar beliefs.

The party hands the extremists over to Zellair and leaves it to the Church authorities. Zellair is grateful, and says that she may want to call on the party again, though she’s embarrassed to admit it.


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