Stormhome & Eberron

Courting Adventure, Pt 1

Having a Ball

All the characters end up at a ball in Stormhome’s court. Queen Aurala is in attendance, as is Esravash d’Lyrandar, Firstborn of House Lyrandar. Both take the time to say a few words of thanks to some of the party for their actions in Thaliost, a mark of how important the party’s actions are becoming in the world.

Alerion has a frustrating conversation with Lady Pritha ir’Lenith, who continues to regard the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches as more an interesting detail than anything important – her only concern is reclaiming the rich farmland outside the forests. He also has a little exchange with Marmadoc over the bard’s apparent support for Lady Pritha ir’Lenith‘s political views. This is, I believe, where the term “co-suasion” really gets thrown around a lot, which grosses out everyone but Alerion, who gets a +2 bonus on his saving throw against ongoing psychic damage. Marmadoc also speaks with Lady Krisemita Duskwalker, who thinks that the rebellion in Thaliost is the most important strategic interest of Aundair’s at the moment and that the crown should be openly and forcefully supporting the rebellion. Marmadoc also picks up the names of a couple more nobles particularly interested in the Eldeen Reaches, and makes an extremely vague offer to Lady Pritha ir’Lenith about maybe kind of helping her out sometime in some way with that whole thing.

Zeru stumbles his way through a conversation with the dwarf Content Not Found: valkas. While holding a pineapple on a toothpick. Despite this not-quite-totally-badass awkwardness on Zeru‘s part, Valkas is willing to be considered for contract work with House Tharashk. He’ll be free following the commissioning ceremony for the Order of the Avenging Flame. During this conversation, Zeru (and Morgan) notice that Valkas seems to be actually taking his orders from Iris, not her superior, Mother Naila Chandler, though everyone is doing their best to pretend that that isn’t true.

Morgan manages to impress himself upon Iris Greenflame as a relatively vapid (if socially and magically adept) scion of the House, and gets himself invited to the commissioning in Flamekeep. Iris Greenflame seems less zealous than Zellair, but a true believer nonetheless. She says the Order is dedicated to fighting dark cults and demonic influences, and bemoans that she was not allowed to travel to Thaliost, even though Mother Chandler says this would have been suicidal for her.


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